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Friday Five

Although it was a short week due to the holiday, it seems like a really long week.  So glad it is Friday!

1.  My 20th Class Reunion is this weekend.  That's my 20th High School reunion.  Let me clarify for you, that means I have been out of high school for two decades, or one fifth of a century, or twenty years.  Man, I'm getting old.

2.  My upcoming class reunion did give me a perfect reason to shop for a new dress and new shoes.  I am now the proud owner of this really cute little black dress (with a bit of white detailing) and some hot black peep-toe sling back heels.  At least I'll look good while feeling old.

3.  I need to paint my toes.  Well my toenails, not my entire toe.  That would just look silly.  Debating between bright red, or a shiny pink color.  Any recommendations?

4.  It's amazing.  Even though I live in the same town as many of my high school classmates, I  rarely ever see them.  And when I do see them, it is usually at some school function and we just spend three minutes saying "Hi, how are you, kids are getting so big..."  I'm so excited to see my friends from high school and actually get to sit down and talk for a while!

5.  We leave for vacation in 27 days!  It will be our first big family vacation with the girls.  We are heading to Myrtle Beach, the girls have never seen the beach, well except for the pictures I have been showing them on the internet.  We are all so psyched!  I'm just hoping we make it there before the oil does!

Well, happy weekend all! 
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