April 19th, 2010

An Eventful Weekend

Wow, what a weekend, and it wasn't all good.

My girls had their first t-ball practice on Saturday afternoon, which went well.  I'm pretty sure I have two future baseball stars, or at least, we'll have a really great summer t-ball season this year!

After t-ball the girls were playing with some neighborhood kids while I relaxed with a book for a bit.  A while later they showed up at home with the neighbor's mom.  Turns out, one of the girls they were playing with was pulling my little one up the slide, they all heard a "pop" and my little one started crying. 

She is generally a pretty tough cookie and will shake off minor injuries, but this was different.  So we piled in the car, called dad to tell him where we were headed, and took off for the emergency room.

After a painful x-ray, the doctor decided she had Nurse Maid's Elbow, which just means that the ligament that holds the bones together at the elbow had slipped over the end of the bone.  Painful, but not broken.  The fix?  The doctor needed to slip the ligament back over the bone.  This is easily done, but very painful. 

My baby girl screamed like I have never heard her scream before, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  But we got through it.  She eventually was able to go home, once she showed the doctor she could move it.

It is still hurting her quite a bit and she still won't move her arm much.  I know it still hurts her, because she isn't much of a whiner when it comes to that stuff.  Hopefully the pain will end soon and she can continue on with being an active kid.  If not, we'll call the doctor and have it checked out again.

Sunday started with another trip to the emergency room, only this time it was my dad.  He had an infection in his leg (that he should have had checked out prior to Sunday, but he didn't), and when he finally called someone about it, they told him to go to the hospital immediately, it could be a blood clot.

Well, after hours of testing it was not a blood clot.  For a while, they were thinking Congestive Heart Failure (which I am still not sure we can outrule this one yet), but eventually they settled on a diagnosis of staff infection and sent him home with lots of medicine. 

Whew, that was a close one.

I don't like spending my weekends in and out of the emergency room and waiting on updates from the emergency room!

And on a much happier note, check this out!  This is my cousin and his wife.  What an exciting entry onto this planet by their baby, and he was born on my dad's birthday!