March 25th, 2010

Celebrating Rejection, American Idol, Babbling and a Bit of Whining

My critique group this year has decided to celebrate our rejctions.  I know, it sounds odd, but it has been strangely inspiring. 

We developed what we call the "Rejection Challenge".  Each month when we meet, we each share any news from the past month, which includes personal and writing.  We share how many submissions we have sent off, how many acceptances (and there have been a few already this year!!) and yes, how many rejection letters we have received in the past month.

We have assigned a points value to each rejection, acceptance and release.  Once we meet a goal of 100 points, we are celebrating by taking a day and going to a local winery for a wine and cheese party!  We are really close to this one.  The next level is a day trip to Anderson Bookstore in Chicago, via the train.  And finally, our top level award is a weekend retreat, to a yet decided location, in which we will all get away, enjoy each others company, and hopefully be inspired to write. 

Why do I mention this?  Well, I received my second rejection letter of the year yesterday!!  YAY!!  Well, not really YAY, but I am celebrating the fact that I put something out there, and someone has read it, and even though it didn't fit into their plan at the time, it is out there.  So, I repeat, YAY!!

Moving on.....

American Idol is a bit lackluster this season, but we still have a few gems out of the bunch that I look forward to seeing every week.  I love Crystal Bowersox, she is so talented.  I love her whole look and her whole vibe.  She's just cool.  And I like that.  I also love Lee Dewyze.  Not only is he a hottie, but he can sing.  I wish he would be just a bit more confident, and blow the roof off the place, cause I know he can!  And how about that Siobhan (I can't remember her last name, but with a first name like that, who cares)?  If the others aren't careful, she going to sneak right up and knock them all out.  She's awesome! 

But that's just my two cents......

I know I am always a bit late to the game, but I am just now reading The Book Thief, and it is AWESOME!!  I love this book.  I wish I wrote it.  I wish I could write something that is even half as good as this book.  If you are like me and haven't read it yet, I strongly suggest you go to the local bookstore or library and get it in your hot little hands immediately.

And speaking of good books, I just ordered my autographed copies of Shiver and Linger.  I rush home from work everyday looking for them in my mailbox.  I know I probably won't be getting Linger anytime really soon, as it is not even out yet, but a girl can hope, can't she? 

And now a bit of whining......

I have done something to the bottom of my foot, but I don't know what.  It hurts.  It hurts when I walk, which means it will probably hurt when I run.  I am signed up to run a 5K this Saturday, and I need to get in one last long run before my half marathon next weekend.  I sure hope it stops hurting very soon, or it could be a painful couple of weekends.  UGH!!!