March 15th, 2010

Weekend in Review

Another weekend is over, and it was shorter than usual, you know, with the time change and all.

Friday night was Bunco night.  For those of you who do not play Bunco, it's really just an excuse for a bunch of girls to get together and eat, drink and have a good time without husbands, kids, pets, etc.  Next month I get to host Bunco at my house.  I am really excited as I do not get to entertain much.  At least not without involving a bunch of kids, goody bags and pinata's, or a UFC pay-per-view fight and a bunch of grown men staring at the TV for hours, stuffing their faces with chips and some dip my husband requested. 

I am creating my entire Bunco theme around this really fabulous drink I had in Washington DC.  It was a type of "brazilian margarita" that I had at the Brazilian steakhouse.  Now I have to come up with a whole Brazilian appetizer menu and prizes to go along with my theme.  I get the whole "Let's have a theme" obsession from my mother.  But oh, am I looking forward to that drink!

Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day Parade, which was a good time.  And it also solidified my status of a "Bad Mom" for the day.  We took our girls out to the drizzly parade (they were wearing coats and hats and gloves, so it's not that bad), and had to leave early because my little one was miserable from her ear infection that we had suspected for a few days beforehand.  We went straight to urgent care, got a prescription for antibiotics, out for lunch and then finally home to rest.  Just so you know, she's much better today.  We did no permanent damage by making her go to the parade first.  Whew!!

Yesterday I got to meet my Great Nephew for the first time.  He is so adorable and so little.  He is almost a month old and still smaller than both of my girls were the day they were born.  When I first held him, I looked at my hubby (who has just recovered from that procedure that causes us not to have babies anymore), and said, "Well, maybe I'm not done yet."

"It's too late!!" he replied.

"We haven't been cleared yet, maybe we can still get one more live shot."

Then the baby started crying and needed changed and fed.  Never mind.  I like the sleepy, precious teeny tiny baby.  Not the crying, up all night, back talking kids they grow up to be later, baby.  My two girls are perfect and are all I need or want.  (But I still like holding the baby!)

Today, I am really tired.  That time change always throws me off for a few days.  I didn't get to bed until midnight last night, and that darn alarm went off at 5:45 this morning.  Yuck!  To bed early tonight, as I am sure my girls are feeling as sluggish as I am today.

Happy Week to you all.