March 11th, 2010

Literature in Kindergarten

My 6 year old is in Kindergarten and has learned SO much this year.  It still amazes me every day.

The last few weeks, the kindergarten classes have been focusing on books and authors.

Because last week was Dr. Suess' birthday, they celebrated and studied Dr. Suess books.  Paige was really excited as she loves Dr. Suess, especially The Cat in The Hat.  She was so excited to take her Cat in the Hat book for show and share last week.

The whole week culminated into one great moment as I was picking her up from the day care on Friday afternoon.  The conversation went something like this.

Paige:  Mom, can we go to the grocery store tonight?
Me:  What for?
Paige:  We need eggs and ham and green food coloring.  We made green eggs and ham at school today and I like them?  They are really easy, it's just eggs, green food coloring and ham.
Me:  Well, we probably won't go to the store tonight, but maybe later this weekend.
Paige:  But mom, I love green eggs and ham.  I would eat them in a house.  I would eat them with a mouse.  I would eat them in a box and I would eat them with a fox.  Mommy, can we please have green eggs and ham.  I love them,  I love them.  Please....
Me:  (smiling) Would you eat them here or there?  Would you eat them everywhere?

Wow, what fun that was.  Well, you can probably guess what we had for supper the next night, can't you?

This week, her class is studying Robert Munsch.  I am so excited that she is learning about books and authors at such a young age.

And this past weekend, she decided she wanted to read a book that was not one of the ones sent home by her teacher.  She pulled a Mo Willems book off the shelf, one of the Elephant and Piggie ones.

Her little sister spilled a little water on one of the pages and it warped the paper a bit, nothing too damaging, but she was really concerned. 

Paige:  Daddy, Megan spilled water on one of our special books.
Daddy:  It'll be ok.  Why is that book special?
Paige:  Because it is signed by Mo Willems.
Daddy (to me):  What did she just say?
Me:  That the book is signed by Mo Willems.
Daddy:  Oh, that's crazy that she knows the author Mo Williams.
Me:  No, it's Willems, not Williams.  She knows.  I love it!!

This stuff just makes me happy.  (Oh yeah, and she read the entire book with very little help from daddy.)

Happy day all!!