March 4th, 2010

Part of the Process

I just returned a few days a go from a trip to Washington DC.  During this trip, thousands of health center staff embarked upon the capitol to ask the legislatures to keep funding our programs.  The evening before we invade, each state has a meeting in which we learn what exactly we are asking for this year, review the speaking points and iron out any other details that might need ironed out. 

This year we asked for a lot of the same as last year.  All of the Senator's and Representatives that my group met with are big fans of community health centers.  Especially in this whole Health Reform mess, they know that what we do is an effective and efficient way of delivering health care to those most in need, and to anyone for that matter. 

And the buzz around Washington these days is "job creation."  Well, of course, health centers have their ideas on how to create jobs, we talked and talked about the Jobs Bill that would include funding for health centers to expand services and capital development.  If we build more health centers, we will hire lots of people and be able to provide quality health care to more people in a cost-effective manner.  Makes sense, right?

On my way to work this morning, I was listening to the radio, as usual.  The news came on, as usual.  It was reported that several Jobs Bills are nearly ready to be sent to the President to review and, hopefully, approve. 

I stopped and stared at the radio for a brief moment (brief because I was driving like crazy to make it to work on time).  It dawned on me that those were not just "words" to me today.  I knew exactly what they are talking about, I know the impact these Jobs Bills can have on our community. 

I really felt like I was a part of the process.  And that made me feel good.
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