February 18th, 2010

Love the Olympics!

I love, love, love the Olympics!

People from all over the world, all over the country gather together once every four years to compete in the world's toughest sports arena, and we get to see it all!

These athletes put on amazing "shows" and accomplish things that one can only dream about.

Take, for instance, Shaun White, last night, in the Halfpipe.  He was truly amazing and did things that no other human being had done in the past.  He won Gold with flying colors.  He knew he already had the gold before he took off for his second run.  No other competitor was even close to his score for the first run.

As he and his coaches were celebrating the victory before his second run, we were lucky enough to be able to overhear some of their conversation.  At one point, Shaun asked his coach what he should do for this run.  His coach told him he could do anything he wanted, just get out there and have fun.

Shaun replied by saying something like, "How about I just slide down the middle."

That's all he needed to do to win the gold, but that is not what he finished this gold medal run with.  Shaun White went out there and blew the halfpipe off the planet!  He did tricks that no one else had ever done, landed them with ease and grace, and was smiling the entire time.  He ended up scoring something like a 48.4, which even blew his own first gold medal winning score out of the water.  The fans went crazy, he celebrated, all was good.

Man I love this stuff.

And how about that Lindsay Vonn, who, two weeks ago did not even know if she was going to be able to compete because of an injury?  Then she comes out and wins the gold!

Then there's Apollo, who we all know and love and is on his way to being the most decorated winter Olympian in America.

And that's just what I remember from last night.  Every single night we get to witness stories like this.

Man, I love this stuff.