January 21st, 2010

Grease, Taylor Hicks and Ace Young

Any American Idol fans out there?  I mean long time AI fans, the ones that have watched for many seasons and know who Taylor Hicks and Ace Young are.

Well, I had a very exciting weekend (wow, it's almost another weekend already, sorry so late).

I took my girls, with my mom and sister, to see Grease at the Fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis on Sunday.  It was a girls day out for us, we went to lunch and then to the show.

First off, the show was GREAT!!!  Of course, I love Grease, the music and dancing, the costumes, I love it all.  I knew my girls would love the music and dancing as well.  They aren't quite old enough to get the whole story line, but the point for them really was the music and dancing. 

When we got there, we found out that former American Idol Ace Young was playing the lead, Danny Zucco's part.  YAY!  And he was SO GOOD.  I knew he had a great voice from his season on AI, but wow, he could really dance.  He nailed all the dance moves and was so much fun to watch.

Also, Taylor Hicks plays the Teen Angel.  He only has one song in the show, but it sure was a good one.  He sings the "Beauty School Drop Out" song to Frenchie, and he made the song and the character all his own.  He even brought out the harmonica for a bit.  So much fun.  And my little one loved his outfit, "It's sparkly" she said. 

So, after a fantastic show, the best was yet to come.  We got to meet and get our picture taken with Taylor Hicks after the show!!!  So exciting.  My girls were thrilled.  I felt like a teenager meeting the boy on the posters that are hung all over the bedroom walls.  We bought his new CD, which we love.  (If I was at home I would try to post the picture, but I am not.  Sorry.   You can see it on my Facebook page though.  You can friend me, look for Heather Sherwood Burton.)

Fun times........